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The dentist-patient relationship first and foremost!

I wanted to become a neurosurgeon, but twelve years to specialize was too long. Since I’m dexterous and very perfectionist, I chose dental surgery. Upon graduating from university, I partnered with four other dentists for ten years, and we had the biggest dental clinic in Montreal. I then opened my own practice, which I sold in 2014. After working for 38 years, I retired in late 2015.

What I enjoyed most was the contact with patients. I always wanted to develop a good dentist-patient relationship. I was able to put patients at ease, so they would come back to see me for decades. In some cases, I even ended up treating their grandchildren – three generations of patients!

The dental profession requires many different skills and is very demanding. You have to know how to plan revenues and inventories and manage personnel: it’s a mini-hospital! I also liked to emulate my colleagues. I gave my body and soul to my patients and now, since my retirement, I take care of myself a bit more.

A successful retirement plan

I have been a member of the Financial since the early 1980s. At the time, my savings were used mainly to maintain my lifestyle, but I started to invest in an RRSP. The Financial offered fewer services back then, but today, their range of services has expanded considerably. Their management style is also much more proactive.

I have remained loyal to the Financial because I’m satisfied. The people are competent, the services are reasonably priced, and the management fees are very affordable.

I have been with Private Management for three years now, along with my wife and my son. I greatly appreciate my Advisory Manager’s personalized follow-up during our meetings.

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