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Two cities (Montréal and Québec City), four rendez-vous in September and October, some 50 dentistry and pharmacy students and residents in attendance at each workshop: excellent results for this series of workshops on finances and on achieving life projects like buying a home or parental leave.

Investing and and getting life projects started!

For these young professionals, it’s a great way to kick-start their personal finances and realize the projects they hold dear! Our financial experts gave them a host of practical tips on how to efficiently attain their goals, without wasting time or energy.

The response of the participants was positive, with most stating in our survey that they were “very satisfied.” Among the comments received:

“The setting is ideal and the speakers are very interesting. They’re able to explain things clearly.”

“Excellent presentation, nice evening, everything was there. Thank you!”

We’ll be repeating the experience in 2020 with new workshops. If you have suggestions for financial topics that you and your colleagues would like to learn about in these workshops, please send us your ideas at We’re always ready to adjust to the needs of young professionals!

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