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This week, the province of Quebec is on pause, just like several other countries. While the governments make announcements and take measures to help citizens and businesses deal with the economic slowdown, stock markets remain turbulent.

As an investor, it’s reassuring, in such a turmoil, to get an analysis of the situation that helps us to make sense of it all. Find out about the actions implemented by the Financial and its portfolio managers. Take a moment to fully understand the situation and to make the right decisions.  [In French only. English transcript available]


Webinar #3 : March 26,2020
Interviewed par Sonia Bergeron, our expert Yann Furic share is analysis of the situation.  

Sonia Bergeron, B.A.
Senior Director, 
Corporate communications and public affairs

Yann Furic,B.B.A., M. Sc., CFA 
Senior Portfolio Manager, 
Asset Allocation and Alternative Strategies
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