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Want to invest in mutual funds that generate attractive and reliable returns? As a client of the Financial, you have reason to be pleased because three of our mutual funds – our Balanced, Balanced Income and Global Equity Portfolios – recently won a FundGrade A+® award for their superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our expertise rewarded

This recognition from the financial industry means they are among the best funds in their respective categories in Canada. It also tells you that the managers of these funds have exceptional skills and experience, which is both a distinction and a recommendation.

The winning formula

In a good sports team, the quality of the players is key to winning. The same goes for your portfolio. To maximize your savings and realize your projects, you should rely on funds that can not only perform when everything is going well on the markets, but that can also weather market turbulence and unfavourable events. The FundGrade A +®  awards are presented to investment funds that have these qualities and that produce the best results, day after day.

Risk and return, a fragile balance

There’s no way around it: to get a better return on your investments, you have to be prepared to increase the risk. Otherwise the return stagnates at around the inflation rate, or even lower. Too much risk, however, and gains can be wiped out as quickly as they appeared. The real difficulty lies in taking on the right amount of risk and actively managing it. Only experienced and seasoned managers have the ability to achieve this delicate balance and obtain the desired return on a continuous basis. It is this expertise that the FundGrade A +® ranking underscores.

The group of 6%

All investment funds are not created equal. Of the 43,000 funds available on the Canadian market, approximately 6% of them stand out each year for their superior and steady risk-adjusted return, as measured by Fundata Canada Inc. Thanks to its objective ranking system based on the track record of each fund, this company can determine which funds have performed best in a given year.

In 2019, 168 Canadian mutual funds won a FundGrade A + ® award, including our three funds. These winners are the elite of Canadian funds, a very exclusive group featuring a number of regular honorees. This is the case for Professionals’ Financial ­, with nine of our mutual funds having received this honor between 2014 and 2019.

Other stars!

Note also that in the Morningstar ratings of January 31, 2020, six of our mutual funds were awarded 4 stars (out of 5) for their risk-adjusted performance, over periods of three, five and ten years.

Not to mention that 82% of our funds are in the first or second quartile of the Morningstar ratings. Our funds obtained this ranking because of their above-average performance in their respective categories.

When you invest with Professionals’ Financial, you can count on a solid team that wants to protect your savings and help you achieve your life plans and ambitions.

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The information in this article was obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, however we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The opinions expressed are based on our analysis and interpretation of this information and are not construed as a recommendation. If you have any questions, please contact your Wealth Management Advisor, your accountant or your legal or tax advisor.

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