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I could never have imagined that we would experience events like those of the past few months. A global health crisis, the confinement of billions of people… all of that is beyond comprehension.

And yet, here we are. It’s become part of our daily lives, for now. And we’re all hoping that “it’s going to be fine,” even if we sense that normalcy after the crisis will no longer be the same as before…

Close to you, at all times

At Professionals’ Financial, the evolving pandemic has prompted us to quickly put in place many measures to protect both our clients and our employees. In compliance with government orders, our employees are teleworking, we’ve physically closed our various offices temporarily, and meetings with your advisor are being held via telecommunications or virtually. In the current environment, health and safety are key, as is our desire to help you with your needs.

Your wealth

We remain fully committed to you, and the comprehensive and optimal management of your wealth remains our primary objective. This crisis period is raising a lot of uncertainty, and we’re very aware of the importance of your wealth. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to be there for you and to listen to your concerns during this turbulent period. Thousands of you have viewed our various webinars on investments and on the new fiscal measures implemented by the governments. Many of you have also read our weekly publications on a host of topics which we’ve posted on our website and our social media since the start of the health crisis.

Caution and effectiveness

Our teams of internal and external portfolio managers are closely monitoring the situation, ready to react to market movements. Since the performance of our funds in a time of crisis is a constant concern, different strategies are being developed in response to fluctuations and in anticipation of an imminent stabilization of the markets.

We also strive to support you with a financial plan that adapts to your situation and enables you to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our teams of notaries and tax specialists are reacting to developments and integrating new ways of doing things to help you deal with this evolving reality in both your personal and professional life.

In keeping with our tradition of expertise and proximity, you can rest assured that we’re here for you. All our services are accessible to you, and our teams are mobilized to ensure the continuity and quality of our operations. Feel free to call on the members of these teams – they’re available and ready to meet your expectations or answer your questions.

Our commitment

Professionals’ Financial is a solid firm you can count on, even in a crisis like the one we’re going through.

We remain at your side and we will support you, as we’ve done for all our clients for more than 40 years. Your safety, your well-being and your peace of mind are our only concern. You remain at the heart of all our actions.

André Sirard, M. Sc., CFA, ASC, Adm. A.
President and Chief Executive Officer

I would like to pay particular tribute to the courageous work of all the professionals on the front lines of the crisis who continue to perform their jobs in order to provide essential services to the population. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their involvement in their community.
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