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For even greater strategy diversification in the FDP Global Fixed Income portfolio, Professionals’ Financial retained the services of two new portfolio managers in December 2016.

They are Amundi Canada Inc. and Manulife Asset Management (US and Hong Kong). Together, with their different but complementary strategic approaches, these managers should give new impetus to the fund and its return potential, which is excellent news for investors.

Optimal performance

The decision to engage these portfolio managers follows the restructuring of the FDP Global Fixed Income Portfolio with a view to optimizing returns. Since its inception in 2012, this fund had been managed by PIMCO Canada Corp. The new management direction seeks to achieve greater income source diversification for the fund in order to take full advantage of market opportunities.

Different but complementary approaches

Amundi Smith Breeden Inc. (the subsidiary of Amundi Canada Inc. which manages the fund) is a portfolio manager that specializes in high-yield global debt.

Manulife Asset Management (US and HK) is an unconstrained manager that seeks above all  to generate a competitive current return while protecting capital.

Combined, these management approaches offer very attractive risk characteristics which, while remaining open to market opportunities, are still able to mitigate risk and volatility.

A complete range of funds to discover

The FDP Global Fixed Income Portfolio is part of the Financial’s range of mutual funds which are managed by our in-house investment team, supported by a dozen external portfolio managers. The latter are selected from around the globe according to strict performance and risk management criteria, in keeping with our investment philosophy.

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